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Our Straps

Our Strap Size


What makes our straps special?

Our Camera straps are for DSLR, Mirrorless and Rangefinder Cameras!

  • We offer two sizes of Camera Straps standard, Neck Strap and Shoulder Strap. The Neck strap is about 24", Shoulder Strap is about 36". 
  • All Straps made by strong webbing can hold over 100 lbs of gear.  Stitched many times over the stress areas as well as on the ends.
  • Stitched multiple times over the stress areas as well as box stitches on the ends.
  • All straps are made for DSLR Cameras. The narrow nylon that attaches to your camera is 3/8 inch wide and fits DSLR cameras and some larger point and shoot cameras. It is your responsibility to determine if our straps will fit your point and shoot camera.
  • Comfortable. Our straps are Soft, Sturdy and Practical


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